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Digital TV Tips

To turn TV off - Press the TV button then the Power button – This puts the universal remote in the TV mode and then by pressing the power button, turns off the TV.

To turn TV on – Press the Power button and then STB (Set Top Box) – If the last thing you did with the remote was turn off the TV, the remote is still in the TV mode. So by pressing the Power button it turns the TV on, and by pressing the STB buttons, it put the remote in the STB mode so you can change channels and work other functions related to digital TV.

If the LED or light is not lit on the front of the set top box – Press STB on the remote and then Power.

No Signal shows up on TV screen – This indicates that your TV is not on the correct input or the STB is turned off. Every TV is different so your digital set top box can be connected to many different inputs. You can either press “video source” or “AV” on our universal remote (if option is on remote), or use the original remote that came with your TV to change the input until you see a picture again. If you still cannot change inputs, many TV's have a button somewhere on the TV to change inputs.

Note: Some of our basic remotes do not have the power button on them. To turn the TV on or off,  just press the TV button. To turn the STB on or off, press the CBL button. 

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Digital TV

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