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SD Movie Packages – Monthly Charges
Cinemax (4 channels) – $12.00
HBO (6 channels) – $16.00
Starz/Encore (13 channels) – $12.00
Showtime (11 channels) – $15.00
Link to Movie packages here
HD movie channels are included when you subscribe to HD package below and corresponding movie package.

Any questions, please give us a call or stop by the office.

Standard Definition Channels (SD) – Monthly Charges
Lifeline Basic Digital Cable – $19.00
Lifeline and Expanded Digital Cable – $69.50
Addition SD Set Top Box – $5.00
SD-DVR – $6.00
Whole Home DVR – $3.00
Link to SD Digital Line-up here

Oneida/Rio Digital Cable TV Services 

All Digital cable services below include:
Television guide on the screen
Caller ID Screen pop – see who is calling you pop up on the screen (requires phone service with us.)
Video on Demand (VOD) – see the latest movies and also enjoy free content every month.
Pay Per View – purchase your favorite sporting events or watch other related pay per view content.

High Definition Channels (HD) – Monthly Charges
Lifeline HD Package - $3.00
HD Expanded Package (50+ channels) $13.99
Additional HD Set Top Box = $7.00
HD DVR - $8.00
Link to HD Digital Line-up here
Must subscribe to SD (Standard Definition) to receive HD.
Must subscribe to SD Movies to Receive HD Movies channels.


Oneida Analog Cable – Monthly Charges
Oneida Cablevision also provides analog cable (over coax) in the City of Oneida.
Lifeline Basic - $19.00
Expanded Basic - $31.00
Note you must have Lifeline Basic cable to subscribe to Expanded Basic Cable.
Link to Oneida Basic Cable line-up here


100% Fiber To The Home